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Dance Examps

Get Inspired

Film Reels

The Films

There are some great, and some not so great, films about ballroom dance, social dance, ballet, hip hop, whatever you like really. Start here on your journey of inspiration as you see dancing in the movies!

It's not about the steps. It's about the narrative.

Latino Dancers in Ballroom

The Dances

Ballroom dancing doesn't have to be black ties and sequins. It doesn't have to be sheer dresses and Dancing With the Stars. It can be, but it doesn't have to be. For a lot of people, they just want to get on the floor. 

If you're curious to see how the dances look, click below.


Performance and Comps

When I started dancing, I found it very helpful to see the people who were at the top of their fields around the world. Everyone has a slightly different style and we want to find the one that best fits you.

Grandpa will show you the way.

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