International Latin Dances

Exceptional Achievement

These dances tend to more competitive, but are very expressive. They're built for those who like to excel and might be interested in dancesport.  They have a mixture of sharp and fluid movements and are filled with great picture moments.

Cha Cha (124 bpm)

"Para Toda La Vida" - Gabriela
"El Son Te Llama" - Orquesta Tobaco y Ron
"Descarga En Cha Cha" - Jorge Herrera

Rumba (104 bpm)

"Mondo Bongo" - Joe Strummer
"Aqui No Sera" - Ozomatli
"La Vuelta" - Gizzelle D'Cole

Samba (96 - 104 bpm)

"Shape of You" - Ed Sheeran

"Bossa 31" - Rosalia De Souza

"Mas Que Nada" - Sergio Mendes

Paso Doble (116 - 120 bpm)

"Espana Cani" - John Altman
"Spanish Gypsy Dance" - Tony Evans

Jive (176 bpm)

"Hit The Road Jack" - Ray Charles
"Rockin' Robin" - Bobby Day
"Dance With Me Tonight" - Olly Murs

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