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Drop-in Classes

A Sampling

If you just want to get a taste of the studio or learn some basics so you can get out on the dance floor at that next wedding or party, these are the classes for you. We will go over fundamental concepts in partner dancing so you feel confident going out and dancing the night away! Come with a partner or by yourself. Either's great!

Dancing in the Street


Dancing Legs

Social Survival


This group will teach you the fundamentals in lead/follow to different styles of music and different tempos so you can feel comfortable getting onto the dance floor and surviving a night.

Female Dancer in Studio



For those days that come by five times in a month we have workshops to keep the dancing moving forward. Workshops are focused on one specific dance and may be geared to a variety of different skill levels.

Couple Salsa Dancing

Weekly Sampler


If you're in town for the week and want unlimited lessons to keep you going, we have the weekly sampler. It's meant for the dancers who have some experience and want to see a bit of the local scene.

Couple Salsa Dancing

Group and Party


The first half of the lesson will be for the beginner. The second half for the intermediate. Afterward practice what you've learned at the party with a variety of music geared toward the Dance of the Day.

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